Negotiating through the college application process with knowledge and insight

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Coaching and Advice for Every Stage

9th & 10th Grade

In these years colleges start paying attention to what you’re doing. Make sure you are taking the right steps by talking to one of our coaches. We can help you develop your activity schedule and optimize your class choices.

11th & 12th Grade

These two busy years have many unique challenges. From deciding whether to take AP courses to taking the SAT for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Let us guide you through these decisions with our academic expertise.

Enrolled In College

College is a time for new discoveries but also for new distractions. We’ve all been behind in our work and it can seem daunting. Let us coach you through the college experience by identifying tactics to help you succeed.

Graduate or Transfer

Whether you are thinking about changing schools or moving on to a graduate program, Elite College Counselors has the knowledge to guide you through the process. Get in touch with our admissions experts today.

See Our Results

Students in our program have been accepted to top colleges and universities around the world. Click here to see a list of schools where our students have matriculated. 

Where To Begin?

There is no time to early or too late to start thinking about applying to college. We’re here to help you visualize the steps you should be taking at your unique stage in the process.

Elite College Coaching is a global company, placing students in colleges in both the United States and abroad.

We’re here to boost you over any hurdles you will encounter during the application and admissions process.

Elite College Coaching Testimonials
Happy Students.

“Elite college coaching really helped me focus on the things that were important in my life and how to present myself to college admissions. Michael and Julia were great at steering me through the application process and providing the critical insight and guidance that made it possible for me to gain acceptance to my top choice college. I am now a Junior at Smith College and love it here!”


Smith College ‘19

“Working with Mr. McNelis greatly improved my preparation for the college application process and helped me to be accepted in several top tier universities in the U.S. and the U.K. Michael is very thorough and works tirelessly for all his students. When I started with him, I had next to no understanding of the CommonApp but by the end could give detailed advice on it to friends.”


St. Andrews ‘21